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HTC doesn't want to fullfill warranty by EU LAW.


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Still no new updates available, and no more contact from anyone. 


I have supplied with printscreens to ARN (Allmänna Reklamations Nämden), for further investigation.


I have not replied to the email i got.


Hopefully this will get sorted in a timely manner.

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Still no news, havn't gotten any replies from anyone. It's dead silent right now.

I havn't even gotten a reply to the email i sent to the repairshop in romania where the controllers are at.


Sigh.. And the investigation can take up to 6 months before I can rest my case, sometimes i think, i better just pay for 2 new controllers, and be happy about it...


But this is principal, Im not paying a cent because this is clearly a warranty issue, but let me tell you, I will never recommend HTC, to anyone, in any channel or socialmedia, friends, family, neighbors. And if some new device is comming in the future, i will tell everyone to stay away.


Not happy right now, angry is the right wording.. And my kid keeps asking when i get my controllers back, because his friend has never tried VR, I keep telling him, that sadly, I don't know, im in a battle against a big corporation, and im alone. 

Not sure when, but one day son, one day..

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