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Getting Pupil Diameter From Vive XR Elite (Unity)

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I can confirm that I was able to get pupil diameter using WaveSDK while running a Unity App on the Headset.

Our research team needs pupil diameter via PCVR streamimg. If we could get an estimate of when this will become possible it would really help us @VIVE_chengnay.

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@VIVE_chengnay The pupil diameter did work after re-calibration using WAVE on the XR Elite. But I dont think I can use WAVE as I need to support Quest so I really need OpenXR support. When will OpenXR support for pupil diameter come in? 

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@VIVE_chengnay I would also love an update on this. I am similarly looking to get the pupil dilation information from the full face tracker add on for the XR Elite using a PCVR setup running OpenXR in Unity. Thank you!

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