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Brand new Vive base stations - whole system needed before detection by SteamVR?


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I have 2 brand new HTC Vive base stations as part of a university project, the other parts are being ordered separately so I don't have a whole system to play with.  I am just trying to get the base stations recognised by SteamVR, and to update their firmware.  Unfortunately they are not recognised at all by SteamVR (they are greyed out, and with "Base station not detected" when the mouse is hovered over).  The base stations both power up OK with a green light.  When I connect via USB (power-on while holding channel button), Windows recognises it and opens a mass storage device window.  When I connect via Bluetooth, Windows pairs OK.  But in both cases, SteamVR does not recognise the devices connected.  I have tried all the usual power cycling etc.  Is it necessary to have a whole system (headset, controller, link box) present before the base stations are recognised? Thanks.

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