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Streamed AR for Unity - VIVE XR Elite


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1 hour ago, VIVE_chengnay said:

Hi @Virtus,

Could you try build apk and see if ScenePerception works?

ScenePerception will not work if you Play on Unity Editor.


Ok, I will try it. Do you know if there is any possiblity to run it directly on Unity ? The fact that I need to build and upload to the headset each time would be really time-consuming.
If there are no other way, then i'll do with it, but I just want and need to know perfectly how it works.

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I built an APK, and I added some debug informations in the scene to display informations such as Nbr. of meshes retrieved and planes retrieved.
There was still 0 mesh and 0 plane retrieved.

I don't know where it could come from.

I am using this method :

scenePerceptionManager.GetSceneMeshes(currentSceneMeshType, out WVR_SceneMesh[] currentSceneMeshes)

and currentSceneMeshes.Length returns 0.
I have scanned the room with the headset,  and gave authorization for Scene Perception.

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Posted (edited)


No, I am directly testing on my own scene. I could retrieve scene planes but still no scene meshes.
I am focusing on what I can retrieve now, so I am managing the Scene Planes.
Issue is now that position and rotation doesn't feel right.
I display the planes directly on the scene from the data I retrieve, using WVR_Pose_t data, or ApplyTrackingOriginCorrectionToPlanePose() function.

It doesn't seem like data we get fits with reality distances.

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I tested, and the Demo scene displayed the meshes successfully !
Now I need to know how and why it was not working on my project.



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So I did a few tests, I could retrieve scene meshes and scene planes, but could not retrieve both at the same time. I also tested with the demo scenes.
It seems like when I activate both scene planes and scene meshes, the scene planes takes the priority on the display, resulting in no scene mesh displayed.

Best regards

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