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[Unity] how to debug a VR application from the editor view ?

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I try to debug a vr application on my XR Elite. I would like to do it from the editor view to have access to some animation informations using the inspector.
I tried the "legacy" XR Device Simulator from Unity (XR Interaction Toolkit), the fake headset or controller can't move.
I also tried to use the simulator provided with the Vive Input Utility,  here too, I cannot get the fake controller to move, however, I can get the fake headset to move... 
(Also without success using the simulator provided with the MockHMD)

I must be missing something obvious... What is the correct method to debug from the editor in my case?

Thanks for your help.


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I can add that I started from the RaycastEyeTracking example contained in "VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Essence" SDK (/6.0.0-r.14/Essence/Raycast) which looks like what I want to debug.
Here too I was unable to use the simulator in the editor.

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