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[Tutorials] VIVE OpenXR Unity Tutorial Issues with VIVE Pro Eye on Windows 11

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Hello everyone,

I am attempting to follow the Unity tutorial for using the VIVE OpenXR SDK with my VIVE Pro Eye, but I'm encountering several issues that I cannot resolve on my own. I am hoping to get some guidance or suggestions from the community here.


  • HTC VIVE Pro Eye
  • Windows 11 (23H2)
  • Unity 2021.3.9f1
  • SteamVR 2.4.4
  • VR content plays correctly in the SteamVR Media Player


  1. VIVE OpenXR Plugin Installation

    • In following the "How to Install VIVE OpenXR Plugin" tutorial (link here), I discovered that installing Git for Windows was necessary, though it was not mentioned in the guide. This requirement should be clearly stated in the tutorial.
  2. Project Settings Confusion

    • In the "Getting Started with OpenXR" tutorial (link here), under Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Resolution and Presentation, I am unable to find the "Orientation, Default Orientation" settings as instructed. It appears that the tutorial may be outdated or incorrect.
  3. VR Display Issues

    • After creating a test scene with a simple 3D object and playing it, nothing displays on the VR headset; it remains on the SteamVR screen. The SteamVR web console reports the following error:
      Copy code
      Sun May 05 2024 00:01:32.638 [Error] - [Input] LoadActionManifest failed. Could not find action manifest for app '14560: Unity' with key 'system.generated.openxr.testar.unity.exe'
    • This suggests a problem with loading the action manifest, but I'm unsure how to proceed in resolving this.

I have tried reinstalling SteamVR and Unity, ensuring all paths for the action manifest files are correct, and double-checking that the XR Plugin Management settings are properly configured. Despite these efforts, the issues persist.

Any advice, tips, or similar experiences shared would be greatly appreciated as I continue to troubleshoot these issues.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your suggestions regarding the SteamVR Unity Plugin.

I have successfully installed the SteamVR Unity Plugin, but I am still encountering the same issues as before. Despite the successful installation, there have been no changes in functionality, and the problems I was experiencing prior to installing the plugin persist. Could there be additional settings or configurations within Unity or the plugin that I need to adjust?

Additionally, I may have overlooked this, but are there any specific documents or web pages that outline the detailed steps for installing the SteamVR Unity in a clear and comprehensive manner? I am relatively new to this and want to ensure that I haven't missed any crucial steps.

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I have followed the steps you mentioned: downloading the unitypackage and importing it as a custom package into my Unity project. However, I am still facing the same issues without any improvement in functionality.

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Hi @YujiKaneko,

After checking your project, I found out that some settings you need to change.

1. Uncheck OpenVR Loader, only one item can be checked


2. For the interaction Profiles, you included too many profiles that do not belong to PCVR.

Just keep this simple, choose HTC Vive Controller Profile for now.


After the above steps, restart your Unity.

After restarted, hit "Play", does it work now?

I found out that your helloassets scene is not 3D scene, but at least I see image in my Vive Pro Eye.



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Thank you very much for your suggestions and for taking the time to review my project. I followed the steps you recommended:

  • I unchecked the OpenVR Loader and ensured that only one item is checked.
  • I adjusted the interaction profiles to only include the HTC Vive Controller Profile.

However, after restarting Unity and trying again, I still encounter the same issue without any changes. The error message on web console I continue to receive is:

AppInfoManager.ProcessConnected BEGIN 10356 C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\2021.3.9f1\Editor\Unity.exe 9 system.generated.openxr.vivehello.unity.exe
SetApplicationPid appkey=system.generated.openxr.vivehello.unity.exe pid=10356, external transition
SetApplicationPid: Setting app system.generated.openxr.vivehello.unity.exe PID to 10356
AppInfoManager.ProcessConnected END
[Input] LoadActionManifest failed. Could not find action manifest for app '10356: Unity' with key 'system.generated.openxr.vivehello.unity.exe'
Using existing HMD lighthouse.LHR-9C358F3B
Processing message VRMsg_Connect from 10356: Unity took 0.00873 seconds
Received success response from vrserver connect
Not looking for a good app key because Steam didn't start this app

This error persists and my scene still does not appear as a 3D scene in my Vive Pro Eye.

Just for your information, I can confirm that the Tobii's "Three Cubes" sample works perfectly on my setup.

Could there be another setting or configuration that might be causing this issue? Or is there a specific step in setting up the action manifest that I might be missing?

Thank you again for your help, and I look forward to any further guidance you might have.

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