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Reading buttons & axes for Vive Tracker 3.0 in Unity

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I'm having a little trouble getting button & axes events from my Tracker 3.0

Using the USB interface described in the VIVE Tracker 3.0 developer guide, I have developed a python script to translate XBox Button, Trigger and Axes commands to the Vive Tracker. 

In the Steam "Test Controllers" window all buttons (Triger, Grip, Menu. Thumb/pad & System/power), seem to work correctly. But it does not give me any feedback if the X&Y Pad Axes and Trigger values work.

Using the Vive Input Utility for Unity, how can I read the values the button values with:

bool isGrip = ViveInput.GetPressEx<TrackerRole>(TrackerRole.Tracker1, ControllerButton.Grip);

For some reason ControllerButton.Pad does not seem to work. Is there another ControllerButton enum I should be using? The others Trigger, Grip, Menu & System work fine.


Similarly, I'm trying to read the Axes and Trigger with 

float padx = ViveInput.GetAxisEx<TrackerRole>(TrackerRole.Tracker1, ControllerAxis.PadX);

But this never seems to work either. Is GetAxisEx the right call? Or can the Tracker 3.0 not actually transmit the Pad X & Y and trigger values?

Thanks for any help

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