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ViveOpenXR integration into Unitys XRInteractionToolkit


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Hello Community,

we are building a multiplatform XR application within the medical industry right now and also want to support the XR-Elite due to its modularity of hardware components. But unfortunately the OpenXR Plugin does not feel well integrated. We want to basically build a multiplatform XR-Rig using Unitys XRIT, XRHands and ARFoundation components only. This works for other devices (Quest3, Hololens2) like out of the box (import the package and enable the OpenXR feature group). Trying to do that for the XR-Elite with the VIVE OpenXR Plugin 2.2.0, it feels like that I can't do that. Based on some tests and the provided samples in the package, I need an additional script for everything, instead of just using Unitys wrapper classes. This aspect would make the development for the XR-Elite unnecessarily difficult, why we would probably drop the support for it, until it is more convenient. 

Are there any plans to support that or am I just missing something?


Best, XRHans

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