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怎样在unity中进行HTC vive pro2的眼动追踪

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我不是很懂,我是刚刚开始学习的,因为想从unity中能进行眼部追踪。但是我不知道要用什么办法,我搜的方法也都不一样,所以我很迷茫。之前搜过根据下载 SDK和SR runtime,但是从官网https://developer-express.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/eye-and-facial-tracking-sdk/download/latest/这个连接进去没法下载SR runtime,

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17 minutes ago, shencaifeiy said:

这个VIVE SRAnipal是会自己下载吗

Yes, it will automatically downloaded, please search from your Windows for SRAnipal.

14 minutes ago, shencaifeiy said:

我每次启动Vive Console都会自己闪退是什么原因呢

I don't know, could you do screen recording and share with me?

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