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在Unity中进行HTC VIVE pro2 的 眼动追踪,并保存眼动追踪数据及眼动追踪轨迹时所需要的一些脚本代码?

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Hi @shencaifeiy,

The path is just right above the gif image.

To use the Eye Gaze Interaction profile, add the Eye Gaze Interaction profile in Edit > Project Setting > XR Plug-In Management > OpenXR

Edit is from the toolbar in Unity Editor.


25 minutes ago, shencaifeiy said:


Use the feature through an action map

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You can try our sample first.

Go to Window > Package Manager,



Download VIVE OpenXR Samples.

You will find ActionMap folder under Assets\Samples\VIVE OpenXR Plugin\2.2.0\VIVE OpenXR Samples\Samples\Commons\ActionMap path.

Open InputActions.inputactions then you will see something like the gif image.

You can follow the steps to create new action "eyePose".

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Hi @shencaifeiy,

It depends on how you want to collect your data.

If you print the data as logs, you could collect your data by using "adb logcat > filename".

If you would like to write into files such as csv, you just pull your files from the headset.

You could refer to below topic for reference.


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