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Unable to Switch Between PC Mode and VR Mode (UnrealEngine)


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Hello, I am currently trying to create an application using Unreal Engine that can switch between desktop mode and VR mode. The target is PCVR using Focus3.

However, for about a month now, there has been an issue with switching between desktop mode and VR mode in applications using Unreal Engine. While it usually starts correctly in VR Viewer, the following problems occur:


VR does not start

Freezes after a brief moment when switching to VR mode

Package (Development):

When starting VR mode from desktop mode and then switching back to desktop mode, it freezes on the VR mode screen

Package (Distribution):

VR does not start, VBS freezes, and the PC application also freezes

This issue occurs not only in custom projects but also in the Collab template.

Also, it is happening on 5.1,5.2, not an individual problem, but multiple PCs, Forcus3!

I remember it worked when I created another application about six months ago, and the package completed at that time still runs smoothly. Has there been any disruptive change that I am unaware of? Any information, no matter how small, would be appreciated.

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