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VIVE Hub - 1.6.6 - VIVE Streaming - 1.15.5 - Beta release notes


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VIVE Hub – 1.6.6 – BETA release notes
Released on May 17th, 2024

VIVE Hub (1.6.6)

  • Added support for downloading screenshots and screen recordings from the XR Elite headset. (VIVE XR Elite FOTA 7.1 - 1.0.999.654 is required)
  • Added the ability to disconnect the headset from the PC by right clicking the headset icon on the VIVE hub.

VIVE Streaming (1.15.5)

  • Significant performance improvement with reduced encoding latency, especially for Ultra mode. (Available with Nvidia GPU now)
  • Added support to VRCFT external module to enhance facial expression in VRChat.
  • Enhanced controller tracking behavior by revising controller prediction.
  • Fixed an issue where the hand tracking scalar could be incorrect.
  • Your customized SteamVR skybox background will no longer be replaced with the VIVE Streaming background.
  • Avoided potential incorrect foveated compression settings after a software update.
  • Fixed a flickering issue with OpenXR contents, such as Beat Saber.
  • Refined the identification of Unreal Engine contents for MR handling.

VIVE Streaming app (

  • Resolved a potential hand tracking data lost issue in some network environments.
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I tried this BETA version and the module for VRCFT.
XRE and PC is connected by USB 3.0.
Am I correct that I need to check the option to send OSC to VRChat in VSH to make it work?
If that option is unchecked, VRCFT does not send OSC signals.
Also, before I checked the OSC signal transmission option in VSH, the visual fidelity was fine (Ultra, RTX4090), but when I checked it, the visual fidelity dropped quite a bit.
It feels like bad 'frame interpolation' is happening, almost like stuttering. Is it possible that enabling OSC signaling also forces dynamic foveated rendering(or encoding)?
If this is caused by enabling DFR, I don't want it. It would be nice if the user could choose to enable it or not.

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