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Can't use eye tracking in UE5.2 - the node "Get Gaze Data" returns "False"

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I've just got the vive pro eye from my client in order to implement eye tracking in an existing project that runs on PC.

I've installed the VivePort & SR_Runtime, and calibrated successfully the eye tracking inside the HMD.

I've downloaded the "vive_openxr_sample_2.3.0_UE_5.2" in order to check that everything works. But when I try to play the EyeGazeMap it doesn't work. The SR_Runtime in the system tray is green, which means it works ok, but when I check the "Get Gaze Data" node with a print string I see it always returns "False".

Any idea what I missed ?

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Hi @3dkobi,

Could you help to verify below two items?

1. After the eye calibration process is completed, can the corresponding dots light up according to the gaze direction, as shown in the figure below?


2. Refer to the following URL to confirm whether the Unreal plugin setup has been completed?


If the two items are fine but you still do not get the expected results, you can try closing sr_runtime, restarting SteamVR, and then running the sample again.

If the issue persists, please provide the logs from below paths.


C:\Users\{User name}\AppData\LocalLow\HTC Corporation

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