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In Variable Rate Shading the gaze points are not moving (Unreal Engine 4.23.1)

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I am using Unreal Engine 4.23.1, Vive Pro Eye, SRanipal unreal plugin, sranipal runtime as per the (tutorial)[https://forum.htc.com/topic/7434-getting-started-with-vrs-foveated-rendering-using-htc-vive-pro-eye-unreal-engine/?ct=1582025406]. In the instruction it mentioned:


[UPDATE 9 Feb 2021] : If you are using the Unreal Engine branches for UE 4.24.2 or 4.23.1 then you don't need to write any extra code and you can ignore the following steps. Yo won't need to add GetEyeGazeDirectionsNormalized() and call UpdateStereoGazeDataToFoveatedRendering(), you just have to install the SRanipal runtime, import the SRanipal plugin into your game project and enable Eye Tracking in VRSSettings, then VRSPlugin will get gaze data from the engine automatically and you can just configure the settings.]

So, I just adjusted the SRanipal and VRS from the project setting:


Problem with this: I can see

  1. The VRS is only working for the left eye
  2. The gaze points are not moving, and it is a static gaze point
  3. The display is blinking on (rendered scene) and off (with black screen)


Do I have to modify the project from blueprint? In the same project the gaze points are seems to work, here is the blueprint:



What I am missing here to make the variable rate shading dynamic?

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