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Ultimate Tracker in Unity

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I am developing for the Ultimate Tracker and am running into some questions. I don't want to put it in the generic Ultimate Tracker thread nor in the Technical Support thread for the Ultimate Tracker, so I created this one. Please move if needed.

The first question is how can I do Build and Run? There's only 1 USB-C connector and this is needed for the Ultimate Tracker dongle. So how can I link the headset to my PC do to Build and Run? And of course the Input debugger will not work when there is no connection between the headset and Unity.

Second, what is the logic behind the numbering of the trackers? I have 3 trackers. In the headset they are numbered 1, 2 and 3. I started experimenting with just one. In Unity the numbering starts at 0, so I assume that tracker 1 in the headset would be tracker 0 in Unity. In my Unity scene I am using the Tracked Pose Driver (Input System) with bindings to Tracker0 as shown in the golden sample (https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/unity/tutorials/vivexrtracker/). When testing I found that the child objects of the tracker GameObject (just a Unity sphere and text) respond to tracker 3's position and rotation.

I know from working with the 'traditional' 🙂 Vive trackers that I could get the role that was assigned in SteamVR, like Waist, Right Foot, Left Foot. That does not seem to be available (yet?) for the Ultimate Tracker, right? I also remember that before we had those roles, the numbering depended on the order in which they were switched on, I hope that's not the case here.

Third question, how can I skip the "Usb mode selection' dialog everytime I connect the headset to the PC? Can I set a default to 'No action' somewhere?

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Did someone have time to look at this? Please, testing is terrible now:

Connect the headset using the usb cable
Click 'No action' on the USB menu
Build and Run from Unity
When the app is running, remove the USB cable
Connect the dongle
Switch all trackers on (because they were switched off when I removed the dongle and connected the USB cable to the PC).

And when I find it's not working I have to make a change and do all this again. And again. And again....

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