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Vive Focus 3 Eye Tracker Calibration on PCVR with VBS

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For an experiment running with a Vive Focus 3, I need to calibrate the eye tracker for each new user. After installing the Vive Console on Steam, I've managed to find a way to calibrate the eye tracker through SteamVR, which was already better than having to launch the eye calibration from the headset's parameters. And I said was because the calibration through SteamVR isn't working anymore...

  • My Focus 3 current version is 6.0.999.960
  • The eye tracker version is 801000010
  • Vive Business Streaming version on headset is
  • Vive Business Streaming version on PC is 1.14.8a
  • SteamVR version is 2.5.5
  • Vive Console version (Steam) is

Did a recent update break the calibration on SteamVR ? Did anyone already managed to trigger the Focus 3's eye calibration program from a PC ? 


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Hi!  I'm using the same device and trying to figure out how use the eyetracker! 

I installed!  Vive Console for Steam! ,  and "Vive Console" as well.  Anyway in Steam Home when i try to open the "vive console for steam" it open a window called, "VIVE PRO EYE"  but It doesn't allow me to calibrate and use eye-tracker! Have you any news about it? 

On the other side the "Vive Console" doesn't recognize my visor,  i think because it should be used with a VIVE PRO visor and not a VIVE FOCUS.  Have you any advice to give me? 



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