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XR Elite Eye Diopter Fell Off

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While adjusting the diopter, it the handle and the numbers fell off. 


Has anyone experienced this before or have any advice on how to put it back on securely? I reached out to Vive Support and it seems odd that this piece would cost at minimum 160 dollars to glue back on. Maybe I'm missing something?



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I think the handle is glued on, but I don't quite know how the numbers stay on the handle. The handle has to turn freely but I don't see how the numbers stay on the lens.

My concern with gluing is making sure my understanding of the mechanism is correct. I would hate to apply glue incorrectly and lock up the part.

I'm hoping if someone else had had this issue maybe they have special insight into the mechanism. 


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Hi @FSU Innovation Hub,

What I will do is either adjust number to 0 or 6.

As you can see there is a white dot on the outside ring, refer to the image below which the white dot is adjust to number 6.

Just roughly match the other eye's alignment.

You can use double sided tape for temporary to see if it works correctly before you really glue it firmly.


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