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Loud buzz and slight warmth from the baystation power brick

Vex Detrause

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I just bought a vive and it's working great!! There is a loud buzz coming from one of the baystation power brick. It seems to be warmer than the other power brick. Play time so far is about 2 hours in 20 min interval.


On another note Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard interferes the vive controller connection - those small USB receiver that has an "orange star/flower." Unplugging the dongle and turning off the mouse and keyboard while the Vive is rebooting fixes the problem.

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If you're concerned about the power brick, you might just get it replaced through our support? I'd swap them though, just to be sure it's not the outlet. 

As far as other USB peripherals go, yeah, that can happen. Not all USB devices play nice with each other. Glad you found a work-around for it though! Do you happen to know the model of the Logitech devices in question?


-John C

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