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Help Needed: HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 Causing Computer Freezes in Unity

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I'm experiencing intermittent computer freezes while using the HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 with Unity. My setup includes the OpenVR XR plugin from the Unity Asset Store, as well as the necessary Steam and SteamVR apps. I've followed the video guide to configure the tracker without an HMD, and successfully established communication between the tracker and Unity. However, my computer completely freezes and requires a restart when this issue occurs. This problem persists across different computers, Unity versions, and SteamVR versions.

Hardware and Software:

  • HTC Vive Tracker 3.0

  • Unity with OpenVR XR plugin

  • Steam and SteamVR apps

  • Unity version : 21.3.32f1, 22.3.2f1


I configured the SteamVR app to recognize the tracker without an HMD, following a YouTube video guide. The setup is working well, with Steam recognizing the tracker and communication with Unity established.

The Problem:

The computer intermittently freezes completely, requiring a restart. The issue is not specific to any particular computer, Unity version, or SteamVR version. There isn't a specific action that always triggers the freeze, but the following actions frequently cause the issue:

  1. Opening Windows -> Analysis -> Input Debugger in Unity.

  2. Trying to drag the SteamVR application window.

  3. Dragging Unity component windows to change the Unity Editor layout.

These aren't the only actions that cause the issue, but they frequently lead to freezing. I've been dealing with this problem for four months.

I would appreciate any insights or suggestions for resolving this issue. Thank you.



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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, VIVE_chengnay said:

Hi @Positive.Product,

May I know why you will need to do it without HMD?

And, could you confirm that you will not get any freeze with HMD?

Could you list version for OpenVR XR Plugin, SteamVR Unity Plugin and SteamVR?


I am developing a Unity app that controls a robot using the Tracker 3.0. Therefore, I don't need an HMD.
I just need the Base Station and the Tracker. However, if I can identify the cause of the issue, I am willing to purchase an HMD (such as the VIVE Pro).

Current setup:

  • Open VR XR Plugin: 1.2.1
  • Steam VR app: 2.6

I am not using the Unity SteamVR Plugin because I can obtain the tracker's data without installing it, as demonstrated in the video.

I can share a simple project on GitHub that demonstrates this issue.
Thank you.

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