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VIVE Hub – 1.6.6 – BETA release notes


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VIVE Hub – 1.6.6 – BETA release notes
Released on June 26th, 2024

VIVE streaming (1.15.9a)

  • Added hand tracking support to VRChat.
  • Fixed an unexpected high loading issue when updating face data through VRCFT external module to VRChat.
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent VIVE Wrist Trackers and VIVE Ultimate Trackers from working correctly at the same time..
  • Fixed a potential issue which could cause abnormal hand tracking rotation in some contents.
  • [OpenXR] Improved hand skeleton model accuracy via XR_EXT_hand_tracking API Layer to bypass SteamVR.
  • [OpenXR] Added support to projected passthrough of XR_HTC_passthrough extentsion.
    • Known issue: low FPS with Ultra mode and Passthrough with AMD GPU.

VIVE streaming app (

  • New in-VR settings UI release.
  • Fixed an issue which SteamVR could be restarted after headset suspend/resume with facial tracker connected.
  • Revised reconnecting flow for better USB connection handling.
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