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Handtracking with Mixamo character


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I have created a scene with handtracking. I have copied the left and right hand from the HandGrabUnity demo scene and that works fine. I can see the light blue hands and they follow my fingers.

But now I want to use this with my Mixamo characters, so that the mixamo hand follows my finger motions.

I saw that on the left (and right) hand gameobject there is a HandMeshManager component that holds references to the hand bones. I tried replacing those bones with the hand bones from my mixamo character, and I do get some finger bending but it looks weird. It might be because I used the wrong mapping, because the example hand (WVRLeftHand_1106_ASCII) has 4 bones including the tip in the thumb and 5 bones including the tip in the fingers. My character has only 4 bones for each finger.

Is there some documentation on the component that explains what to use and what can be left open? I don't have a specific bone for the palm, for example.
And also how the 'Find joints' button works. I think I tried this after filling in the Hand Root Joint and the wrist, but that did not seem to work.


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