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stuck in old firmware 5.0.999.918 - need recent firmware. ​(urgent) ⚠️​

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I'm stuck with 8 headsets on 5.0.999.918
I can't update them by any means I have here, no matter what i try (trough VBMS or menus/options/boot menu)
Where can i get the firmware for an updatable version in the shortest delays ? 
I have customers coming tonight and My new map isn't compatible with those anymore. 

Where can I find them?  I can't find them anywhere even on the developer forum.


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Hi @Yoirgl,

From your use case description, you might be our LBE enterprise customer and should have our EMEA region contact person and technical support team to help to clarify and resolve your problem.

You can report the issue via VB+ and let us know the ticket number.

Or you can share the headset log for @Vivi Wu, with screenshots to describe more detail steps what you have done or any more info. which may be helpful to narrow down.

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