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Publish Vive Ultimate Tracker Pose through OpenXR


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Hi guys,

i am currently in the process of evaluating the performance of the Vive Ultimate Tracker for an indoor tracking solution. To this end, i would like to publish the position of the tracker to a terminal.

For this i setup a Vive Pro Headset and the Vive Ultimate Tracker (using the PCVR Beta) to run with SteamVR as the OpenXR runtime on a Windows PC. From here on, i want to use the OpenXR API to get the tracker position and print it to a terminal, similar to these two examples i found in the pyopenxr examples



The track_controller.py example just works, so now i would like to adapt the vive_tracker.py example to get the Position from Ultimate Trackers instead of Vive Trackers. Unfortunately i was not able to figure out how to query for the Ultimate Trackers over the OpenXR API. Could somebody point me in the right direction?

Much thanks in advance and best regards


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