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Nice drop in price! - But how is 599$ = 699 Euro?


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My bank says that 599$ = 510 Euro!

Or the other way, your 699 Euro = 820$


Why is it that Europe gets fu***d that hard?

Why do we pay 221$ MORE than the Americans?


(just to be clear, this has nothing EU vs. US in it - its just a rant over the unfair currency difference!)


I really love my Vive and really wish to cheer for Vive - but you make it hard.


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Ok, so I add tax.

I live in Denmark, on of the countries in the world with the highest tax.

On Import goods we add 25% in tax.

599$ + 25% = 748$ 

That is still 72$ More we pay in EU, than in US.

Is that fair?


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Do the exchange rate, Add shipping, shipping insurance. Then add import duty...onto the figure that inckudos shipping. Minimum 2% for goods imported from outside EU. Then add VAT on to the figure (that already has duty on it). Might not look so bad then.

Blame greedy EU governments not suppliers. There's also the fact that dealing with the EU countries cost more as it's not one single market like USA (despite the name). Each country has its own languages, media to advertise on etc so cost of business is higher.

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