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Vive unlock codes arent working


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Got my vive delivered today, installed software as described no issues.  Got the pamphlet with the redeem code and typed it in fine.  Followed the instructions to add the free games to my library and the unlock codes are not being recognised???


Invalid code

The code you entered doesn’t seem to be quite right.

please try again.


Is all that comes up when i try and redeem them.  I have typed, re-typed and copy pasted numerous times but....nothing.


Whats going on??? can anyone help me?



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Hi ,  -


Can you clarify for me where you're trying to redeem the codes?



You should be redeeming them within Viveport itself - in the PC desktop client. It's under 'redeem content' (pictured here - click to enlarge).


Of course, if that's where you're trying to redeem and you're still getting the error, let us know.

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Hi  thanks for the reply


Through the vive app, click on my portrait and choose redeem content. 


I was able to eventually claim mine. Sometime about 20 hours after I recieved my codes they finally worked. 


However, combing through posts when I was having this issue I noticed quite a large number of people who coudln't seem to find where to enter teh codes. You might want to suggest up the chain that instructions beydond teh vive.com/code step be included somewhere as the help page doesnt tell you and neither do the emails. 


Generally people seem to think that they are steam codes. A little clarification on Vive's part would probably help. 


Thanks again. 



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