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Cannot redeem content i got from vive.com/code


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I just redeemed my content bundle and got the codes for the games.

But when i want to redeem them in viveport, always says code is not valid.

I just got the codes and i dont understand why they are not valid.

I really want the games :(

Tanks for help

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Having the same issue. redeemed code and got several app specific codes but 1) cant find app (is there really no search feature?) 2)if I do find the app through Steam (they managed to implement a search feature) there is no where for me to input any sort of code, just purchasing info. Please share you technique to get redeemed codes to work.

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You don't need to find the app to redeem the codes, just redeem the codes in VIVE software.

1. Download VIVE software 
2. Launch the VIVE software on your computer
3. Sign in to your HTC Account 
4. Click on your profile image in the right upper corner
5. Choose "Redeem Code"
6. Type your offer code in the dialog box and the content will be added to your Library



-John C

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