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(rare) DRM problem on launch


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If this is the wrong forum, please point me to the right one.  


We recently released our app on Viveport and one customer reported a hang on launch.  Here's what was in his log file:


[uTC:23:38:54,354][2017-08-22 19:38:54,354][ 1][iNFO ] Htc.Viveport.Desktop.Helper.StoreUserContextHelper - [DRM] ERROR when executing. Failed to initialise VFS system.


Has anyone encountered this before?



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I haven't seen a VFS error in relation to the DRM like this yet; the user may have some configuration setting that is preventing him from creating the necessary caches. I'm happy to forward this onto the developers team so they can dig into it further. This snippet of log isn't enough to get the full context of what's happening. Can you please provide the following info:

  • Name of the title affected
  • The complete user log (pastebin is useful here).
  • Any other info provided by the user that may prove helpful. 

Hopefully we can get this sorted out and help your user get up and running. 

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