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Content Bundle Problem....


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i just yesterday bought VIVE on www.alza.cz and there was card for content bundle.

It wrote only for visiting vive.com/code
i went there and press next it asked me for account so i made it and put the code. I was linked on new page all white only some Product number or something and thanking me for used it but nothing more happend...... No game on account nothing... and when i am trying to use code again it wrote something like its already redeemed...


thx for help

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Hi , 


The bundle codes from your card goes to vive.com/code and that should generate content redeem codes which will also be sent to your email.  

Check your email for content redeem codes and follow the steps below :D


Let us know how that goes :D




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Yeah i know. The first time i putted in website and it took it and wrote code is alright but no mail nothing. when i tried again it wrote already used. 
Today i tried to put it in the app but it wrote code is wrong (no already used).

i have that card with code for nothing... only one account i made was this and on this acc is nothing so?  

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