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All green! Just absolutely no headset display.


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I have absolutely no display on my headset. Everything is green, the LED is green, SteamVR is green, it tracks on display mirror.

I just have NO DISPLAY!

Updated nVidia drivers. EVGA GTX 980ti.

Reinstalled Vive drivers.

Rebooted probably 40 times.

I've tried HDMI>HDMI and DisplayPort>HDMI.  I can't try DisplayPort>Mini DisplayPort yet because I'd have to order the cable. No store physically carries it in my area.

Please help?


Edit: Even bypassed linkbox on HDMI and plugged it direct. Nothing!

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Hi ; I'm afraid this isn't something we can easily diagnose via the forums directly.


However, if you contact our Customer Care team via chat, you can request they run a diagnostic on the headset display. That will help them narrow down the issue and give you more advice.


Visit the Customer Care 'Contact Us' page here:



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