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At wit's end with warranty repair


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I know this isn't necessarily the appropriate channel for this, but I have exhausted all the other support channels I am aware of. 

I have a base station in for a warranty covered repair (6 weeks now) and am unable to get any updates from the support team (arranging the warranty repair was a serious headache to begin with). I have asked multiple times through chat and email and have been given the runaround every time (typically shifting blame to the "repair department"). All I want is a simple status update. It shouldn't take 4 weeks to contact the repair department and get a status update. Something is seriously flawed in this system and it is costing me time and money.

At this point I just want them to send the base station back so I can fix it myself but they continue to refuse to give me any information or confirm that they are returning it. At this point, it is effectively theft.

This has been, by far, the worst warranty repair I've gone through, absolutely unacceptable.

Does anyone have any suggestions/experience on how to best escalate this?

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