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Warehouse Scale VR


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I my company is working on a warehouse scale VR experience, but the the current Vive headsets only support small rooms. I know that they fixed that issue by upgrading the lighthouses to support more than 2 at a time, but they haven't realeased that hardware yet, and I was wondering if there is any way to get my hand on SteamVR 2.0 Tracking equipement in order to develop and test this experience.

I would also like to know what are the limitations of such solution, how many lighthouses can be added, and maximum area that can be covered.
If not, do you know any alternative to acheive this?


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     Hi ,

     SteamTracking 2.0 is being developed by Valve, not by HTC. SteamTracking 2.0 will be a technology that OEMs can license like the current standard. You can sign up to work with the 2.0 tech through Valve but note that HMDs that utilize the 2.0 tech are still some ways off from being available, even to larger operators, and what is currently available is small-batch hardware for OEM prototyping (and thus very expensive). The upper limit of the number of lighthouses you can integrate will become more a question of practicality than possibility. 


     The only other solution right now is IR camera based tracking like Optitrack but  a moderatly sized tracked volume will likely run over $100k USD. Other tech like SLAM will soon also be available for these uses but will be less accurate. 


     In other words, Steam Tracker 2.0 is exciting because it will be a very low cost way to achieve large tracked volumes but it is simply still in development and staging. 


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