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How Long Does It Take To Ship?

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Here’s what gets me—


Vive store says “In stock”

Vive store charges card immediately.

Vive store has issues with Steam Login doesn’t email order info.

Vive store shows order in “processing”


Usually when an order is in stock and charged I’m expecting tracking numbers next especially when I paid for 2 day shipping.

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DVLOS, when did you place your order?  I only ordered my Vive Pro bundle yesterday morning and I imagine order volume is probably pretty high, so I don't expect it for a while.  My invoice did state that it would ship in April, so I know it should at least be within a few weeks.  I'm just excited and looking for any sort of ETA I can wrap my addled mind around lol

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Wait, so you ordered the regular Vive that comes with all the accessories from HTC, and then the Vive Pro HMD from NewEgg?  May I ask why?  Are you planning on selling the regular/original Vive or something?

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I am undecided. I didn’t adopt Vive or Rift because IMHO they were both lacking in the necessary visual acuity to make VR worlds immersive. Pro changes that IMHO. So yes. I got the Vive from HTC when AMazon said it would take 9 days. HTC store delivered in 2. Amazon also had the Pro shipping to me and then changed to unknown. I switched to Newegg because they said In Stock And was at my door the same time as the OG Vive kit. Is two player possible with vives? If so I would keep both and get more controllers

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Ordered my Vive yesterday and have yet to see anything other than "Order Status: In Process"
I get real anxious about big purchases that leave me hanging for a while, especially with how much it cost.

Edit: Just received the shipping notice, takes a load off my mind. Thanks guys!

To help anyone who comes across this post looking for some calming words, It took roughly a full day for the shipping to process, you may get it sooner, may get it a day later, just be patient and you'll receive an email from HTC with the tracking number from whichever delivery service is carrying your package. FedEx in my case, let's hope that ends well.

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