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How Long Does It Take To Ship?

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Update as of 4/22/19 No updates shipment is pending fullfillment. On a high note I am glad I only ordered one right now this is taking forever its so expensive they should have shipped it out same day in my opinion.  Put a lable on it and ship please lol.  More updates to come hopefully it will ship today I want to now I can get the other 5 headsets in the next two weeks.  4/22/19 later!!!! Confermation that it has shipped and should arrive with in two days. Time to celebrate boy's and girls!  First of many about to arrive and I am overjoyed with the service that Vive is giving keeping me updated especially since this is  my first and not cheap purchase. 


I just bought my first out of 6 vive pro enterprise editions.  I placed the order on 4/18/19 no confermation that my order went through I had to google to find a way to check my order status lol.  I will update about when I get it or any other details that might ease somones mind.


As promised here is an update 4/19/19 recived order confermation email with look up order link today!  Will update when its shipped and it arrives.


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Hi , 


I can help clear this up for you. Basically, orders that come late in the week, Thursday or Friday, will usually update on Monday or Tuesday. There are a couple reasons for this.


Firrst, the order comes in and gets set for processing. Once it is received it will be set to be packed and gets set to be fulfilled. That is why your order says "pending fulfillment". Especially since your order is a bit larger than the normal single kit order.


Also, our order processing is from Monday - Friday. So don't worry, your order is being prepared and you should get an update soon in the way of a shipment notice. If you don't see any update but tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, please reach out to me and we will dig deeper into this. 

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Would not let me edit this so here is the update I love the VIVE PRO its perfect for the arcade. about one week in one of the basestations light went red I chatted with support and got a new one in next day!!!! If you don't have advantage + your missing out. I have not purchased 5 more headsets with advantage + on each one. ... I FEEL BROKE but 6 units for the arcade will be awesome. Thanks VIVE

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