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Problem with base station due power line disturbance


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Hello Guru of Community!

I met a strange problem with vive that i try to describe here below:

I install my vive for expositions and some times was happened it doasn't work fine becouse the tracking was not reliabile. It happened with base station powered frim the same multisocket of other electrical load (some led lights, some power supply for example).

I solved moving the power supply of vive on other sockets. My question is:

Can you confirm that kind of problem can happen?

Can you give me a requirement in terms of electrical noise sensibility of base station in order to allow me to avoid this problem introducing filters or ups?


Thanks in advance.


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Yes it can happen. Unfortunately, it's a problem that plagues any electronic device that relies on precision (in this case, the light pulses have to be timed correctly) so the only real solution is to make sure the power supply is stable. You can either use a different outlet or you can use an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to maintain a stable clean power flow to the base station.

I'm afraid I don't know the specific numbers for that, but any consumer-grade UPS should be fine for that purpose.


-John C

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