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Can't Redeem code


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I purchased an HTC Vive and love it.


Problem is when I try to use the redemtion code that came in the box.


I  go to vive.com/code

I enter code, then checks if I am a robot, then I submit

Then, it askes me what game package I want.

Regardless of which one I pick, It loads up "personal information" page for check-out

Right after this, a pop-up comes in front of that same page telling me I need to sign in or create an HTC Vive account. It says an HTC Vive account is required for redemption

It does not give me an option to check out as guest. 

Once I sign in with steam, it loads back to the pop up and tells me I need to sign in.



Pleas help. I've tried doiong research and nothing seems to help,

I've tried clearing my cahe and cookies.

It does not give me the option to checkout as guest, that I can see.


Has anyone had this problem and resolved it?


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