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HTC/Vive refuses to acknowledge 2 year EU guarantee


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I contacted HTC/Vive support this afternoon and was surprised to be told that my Vive - purchased in EU - is out of warranty, despite being within the 2 year EU statutory guarantee period.


One of the lasers in one of the base stations has failed (laser at bottom not visible on inspection with phone camera), headset & controller tracking fails when sensors can't see the other, working base station.


I've seen a few other posts here from people with similar issues:  I'm surprised that HTC/Vive support won't even aknowledge the existence of the 2 year statutory guarantee in the EU.

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I got a call from HTC on Tuesday afternoon (Central European Time) to say that my case had been escalated, that my lighthouse would be RMA'd under warranty, and that I would receive an email with the postage label, and the email address that HTC has on record is definitely correct (same address I used to pre-order and communicate about Vive-related topics in the past) - but as of now, Thursday evening, no email has arrived (it's not in the spam folder either).


How long does it normally take to create a postage label and email it?

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Hi John,


HTC got in contact, which was good.  During at least two of the phone calls, they said that the base station would be covered under warranty.  They also confirmed that the base station would be covered under warranty in the top email below.  So that went generally quite well and I posted the base station with the prepaid label.  Then this morning I received an email from the repair company (I assume repair partner for HTC based in Romania) - email attached below.


In the email they said that they can't repair the unit in warranty because of the following reason.  I'm pretty sure the slightly larger blank space (marked in red rectangle) in the bottom email below should contain a reason, then "the cost of an out of warranty repair..." etc should follow - not as a reason, but as an outcome of the reason.


Anyway, I interpret this email to mean that they have identified that the base station is not in warranty.  Then I wonder what's happening in the communication between HTC parties.  What do you think?




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Can you reach out to your previous contact and provide them with this information? If not, that's fine, I can go back to the team I initially spoke to about your issue. They should be able to help if you explain the situation to them as you just did to me. (Or you can link this thread, even.)

If you get stuck there, PM me and I'll see what I can do to move you forward on getting this repair done.


Strange that no reason would be listed, though.


-John C

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I was wondering if anyone has the same problem and i found this thread. One of my basestations stopped working and makes a clicking-sound, like in this video: 


I tried all the troubleshooting guides i could find - nothing helped. The support wasn't helpful at all and just gave me the link to the basic install instructions. Looks to me like a RMA, but HTC-Support told me my VIVE has only one year warranty in the EU. This is clearly against EU (and German law).
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