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Vive Tracker tracking issue (offset and jitter)


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Sadly no.

Also I am certain that the leap motion disturbs the tracking of the lighthouse, but it is not the cause of the issue. Our setup limits the reflection of infrared light and there are no other light sources but the problem persists.

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could we get an update on this issue?


What is the expected accuracy of the trackers (in comparison to the controllers)?


There are clearly now multiple documented cases where the controllers work fine (~1mm accuracy) but the trackers don't (~20mm accuracy).


If the tracker are this bad at tracking they need to be ruled out for a number of VR use cases.

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We have exactly the same problem here and it's the Leap Motion controller that's causing it for us. We need the players to be able to see their hands in VR and be able to interact with custom real world objects. I thought this was the whole point of Vive Trackers? Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to solve the leap/tracker problem? We could potentially embed vive controllers in our physical objects...but that's obviously not ideal.

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I just received a new (2.0) Tracker: Its butt date is 2018/03 . Using it with 1.0 lighthouses.


  1. Its tracking seems poor and similarly off to others in this thread, especially compared to the controllers which track perfectly. 
  2. Sometimes it loses the plot entirely and flips everything 90 degrees

It is being mounted on top of a Kinect for making Mixed Reality videos, and that uses infrared so perhaps there is interference there, but it also behaves oddly even with the Kinect offline.


Is this a known issue? Being used with a Kinect, LEAP Motion or similar infrared device seems like a common use case considering the sorts of early adopters who would need trackers.


I'm a bit incensed that it's so poor I should have paid an extra £20 for a controller instead, partially because there was no warning, partially because there's no good solution for screw mounting the controllers, but mainly because I won't get refunded the £15 postage & packaging.

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