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How do I get my voucher code for Fallout 4 VR?


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Oh, that offer refers to purchasing Fallout 4 VR and getting viveport subscription months as a bonus. That offer has expired.

You will still receive Fallout 4 VR as a bonus for ordering HTC Vive. The code on the outside of the box is a Microsoft provided code. There should be a code INSIDE the box however, if there is not, please private message me on the forum with your proof of purchase and I will make sure you get Fallout 4 VR.

Thank you,

-John C

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I did not get fallout 4 code or the deluxe audio strap even though just before I placed order it said the sale included vive, audio strap and fallout 4 and worst thing is when I contacted vive they said I bought it before sale but I clicked on the sale offer that said buy now and you get all those, I'm very disappointed

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Hello HTC, 

I also bought a Vive with deluxe headstrap, Doom VFR, Fallout 4 and got Arcade Saga as well because of shipping delays. I recieved the e-mail with the codes for Doom and Arcade Saga but there was no code included with the Vive for Fallout 4. I've searched from top to bottom but no 6x8 inch card. What shall I do?


Thanks in advance!


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