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Kickstarter - VR Gladius, ergonomic grip for the wand controller

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A link to the kick starter page would be nice.
I support a lot of VR projects but this one seems like its created a problem that never existed. 
I have never found the controllers needed an extra grip. 
Also with the knuckles releasing at some point most wands will get replaced. 
Nice to see you innovating 

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Hi Se7enVR,

there are 12 functional prototypes. You can see the making of them here:

The project will go live at 18:00 GMT, then the link will be created. I will post it here. Using the wand as a pointer I will agree with you but for shooter / sword games its like day and night for medium to large hands ~18 cm and up (hand length index middle finger to hand base)

Best regards

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