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Error 108 Headset not detected - desperately seeking for help


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I actually prefer Win 7 to Win 10 for my personal VR installations. I think in this case, it's specifically that there may be an issue with that specific installation of Windows. Windows (and iOS installs for that fact) become very complex and messy after usage. Things like drivers and registry entry become complete messages through the course of daily usage. Windows generally isn't very friendly with how it handles updates. I personally reinstall my OS'es every 3 months (both Win and iOS) because it provides the best user experience and in many cases I've fixed SteamVR errors by simply reinstalling the OS.  

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Same problem here.. extremely frustrating. It's been plaguing our production for months across 3 totally different pcs (windows 7/10). No rhyme or reason. Nobody at Vive has any helpful advice beyond the same suggested solutions found online. All of which fix nothing. This post says solved?? What was the solution? I see no happy ending. For us it's just hours spent mindlessly unplugging crap hoping it'll come back on, somteimes it does for a while. Believe me, we've tried the smart methodical approach, each failure leading to less reason to live.


I don't recommend using these in a professional situation. We have clients, and right now we're scared **bleep**less about this happening on their installed VR machines. Sometimes my boss will say hey, we have this world leader client visiting from overseas. Let's wow them with our VR. The drumroll never stops, no symbod gets crashed. And I walk away feeling totally awesome.



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My first experience of the error 108 was solved by installing Win 10 (maybe a fresh install of Win7 might have done the work too), so I marked this as solved. Unfortunately it is not possible to unmark this because the „solution“ lasted one or two hours max. Since then:



Hope you have better luck than me.


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yes! for spending several thousands on multilple set ups you would think that this kind of problem would have a better solution by now. It is Literally a Business crippling situation! I have a large group of customers coming in, one unit was down, and I went through every trouble shooting possibility imaginable, even using devices that knowingly worked, which then made the working units not work. Now I have three downed units. They came back up for one day. then nothing. and the constant crap responses about "unplug and plug back in" or "uninstall and reinstall" is just complete crap!

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Unfortunately, the problem is not related to the actual hardware/firmware but Windows configuration or PC hardware  in many of these cases. If you take working components off another functioning PC and they don't work while attached to the problem PC, the issue is almost certainly the PC/OS, not the Vive hardware. It could be bad ports, a bad GPU, or even require a fresh OS install.

There isn't really a way to engineer a better solution to an issue that isn't directly related to Vive firmware/hardware.


Thank you,

-John C

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if your product can't be relied on to plug in and do what it is supposed to, at some level that falls back on the product. for example, I know that I can use my portable hard drive, my usb mouse, Mic, cameras etc and I don't run into the same sort of issues that I run into with our Vives. 


Now in my case, I had a headset that couldn't be found. IF it was a bad headset, I need to determine that by using a working headset...so I did. also swapped cables with new ones, swapped out link boxes, updated drivers, checked different USB ports, even different hdmi configurations. still nothing. surely you can understand the frustration of nonsense. and the nonsense continues! the next morning I find another thread about; 


go into steam, library, tools, steamvr, open sub folders, bin, win32, find vrmonitor.exe and run as admin... i did that on the first machine. and it worked, I go over to the other non working machine and loe and behold its already working! like freaking magic! (that one is still unexplainably working btw) and for a day, our machines were all working very nicely. until the next day. Come in, open for business and two machines down. one of which Never had a problem before. 




any other product purchased in the eniterty of the world doesn't act up like this. and if it was to, that business vanishes into nothingness for not putting our quality products. 


I want VR to be successful as much as the next guy. Not only becuase one of my business's is depending on it, but because it offers a vast array of possibilities for the future, such as jobs for the handicapped, job training, obviously better gaming solutions and the list goes on. But not if the hardware doesn't work right (like the many many complaints littered everywhere online), then how are we ever going to have faith in our machines to work properly? Right now its a crap shoot for us VRcade owners. we walk in to our store with a looming question of "i wonder if my business is going to appear like a total dissapointment today?" by the way that is the worst feeling about a business you were once very excited to be apart of.... and i'm only one of many. 


In Long... My computers are fine. My USB ports are fine. I believe that all My Vive hardware is also fine. However there is some rogue issue that can't seem to be nailed down as the actual problem that needs to be rectified. 

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This isn't the first issue we have had out here. I have a growing list of troubleshooting scenarios, and they may work one day, but not the next. Which then has me questioning what isn't working correctly? It might be wise for Vive to put out a publication that explains in detail, a proper troubleshooting situation. Even if it isn't related to a Vive issue directly. Such as a OS update that isn't working with the Vive correctly. 


In the case of a VRcade, I need a quick solution to get my units back up and operational. Going on for days, waiting for a leprachaun, genie or a magical gnome to fix our problems on thier time isn't a solution. If there was a list of troubleshooting answers to rule out x,y,z, without having to sift through reddit, vive forums or wherever an answer may be, would save a ton of time. I'm on day three of trying to find something to work. And I'm desperatley close to the sledgehammer method of severe destruction!

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