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Constantly getting "The following products are restricted by the shipping country you specified."


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everytime I try to order a Vive when I press " proceed to checkout" after entering all my billing and shipping info I get.

but it only happens when I select it for my home country (Ireland) when I choose any other country the it goes through to the verify order screen.


I already contacted support about this a week ago with still no response.

please help.


thank you


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thanks for your reply.


I tried to contact both ways, from the live support said he was going to get back to me because he issue had to be pushed higher, and in regards to emailing you I havent recieced anything on that front yet.


and yes I have tried to do it in another browser/Incognito mode but the issue still remained.



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Hi Ruben,


Sounds like you may be being redirected to our European site, where you're adding a Vive with EU 2-pin plugs in your cart. If you open this link in a new incognito window, you'll get the correct checkout.


To help investivate, would you please be able to help privately message me:

1. Your IP address (Google can show you)

2. The reference number for the checkout where your shipping country was restricted:





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