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Display Not Working


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After installing my Vive yesterday, I have quite a few problems getting it to work correctly. After using the Vive for around an hour, problems started to occour. Firstly, the display began to blink on and off; a problem that soon stopped entirely. My next issue was error 208, which was fixed by a complete re-install of the Vive software. Now the issue lies in the fact that the screen doesn't seem to turn on. SteamVR reports that the device is running correctly and that the game is running correctly, but when I put on the headset, the screen remains black. Viewing a mirror of the screen shows that it is tracking correctly and that the controllers are working. I get no error message that would show the problem, and any fixes shown online haven't worked.


Computer Specs: https://www.vive.com/uk/vive-ready-hp-computer-bundle/


Any help would be appreciated, as I've tried almost everything I've found online to fix the issue.

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At this point, I would highly recommend you contact us via our Live Chat (appropriate to whatever local region you're in) and process an RMA as soon as you can. Tell them everything you've told me. If you run into any trouble, contact me again.

-John C

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