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Service and repair department is absolutely abysmal. (3.4 months for controller repair)


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So let's start from the beginning. Around early July both my controller track pads started failing with the well known "issue."  I make a ticket as my headset is less than 2 months old and send in the controllers. Three weeks later and constant hounding. No updates, No emails. I get both controllers on my door "fixed." One controller did indeed get fixed. The other one was WORST than when I sent it in. It had a completely locked up trackpad and was missing screws. I was told I would have to send it back in at my expense to have it repaired again. Since I didn't break it the 2nd time I refused to pay for shipping.  2.5 weeks go by and I finally get the a paid return slip from you guys to send it back in. Cool, appreciate it. 

 I check in on the status as I have every day for the last 4 months. First they lost it. Secound they didn't have the parts for the repair. Third time they "elevated it to a higher teir." Fast forward to last week and they don't have an update.  The next day I get the controller home. No email, no updates, no tracking, no warning. In what seems to be one working peice, with all it's screws..... MISSING IT'S WRIST STRAP.  Whatever, as long as it works. I've used it for a little over two days of casual play. Couple hours a day. 
Guess what.... TRACK PAD IS BORKED AGAIN! WOOO YEAH! HTC Repair and Support team is 0 - 12 at this point. 

I'm done. I bought an Oculus. If this is how you guys handle things for your private consumer edition customers. I'm scared to see how you handle things for your BE customers. 

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Please accept my apologies regarding your repair experience.  Can you PM me your repair ticket and contact info?  I can look into what repair process was performed at the repair center.


Thank you agian for your feedback.




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