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Controller not visible or not stable at all (to infinity and beyond)


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So, the post desapeared......for unknown reason XD. So, i reposted it and added the photo asked by


Dear HTC Vive support team,


I have recently purchased the HTC Vive on your web site, and was very impatient to use it (I’ve waited 1 year before decide myself to buy a VR headset).


Everything was really easy to setup, and I was finally ready to try it. THEN, the worst happened : One of my controller were detected by both station, but, on my headset, it was shaking as hell, and sometime, going away on the floor (“NNNnnoooo….”) going LITERALY under the floor… I was like “what the…”, and I noticed on the SteamVR that my controller wasn’t “visible” anymore. Even if I placed it NEAR the other controller (which is fully functional), the controller wasn’t visible at all (nor usable). Sometime, it appears it front of me, but immediately after, it shakes, travel into space / wall / floor, to disappear again….


Honestly, it cost me 723€ to get this set (A LOT of money >.<), which is supposedly brand new…this shouldn’t even happens :/


Here are some informations :

-              I purchased the bundle (HTC Vive) : Tuesday 31/10/2017

-              I received the package on Thursday 02/11/2017 (yay !)


What I’ve already tried :

  • Reboot SteamVR ADN the computer
  • Reboot the controller
  • Reset the controller
  • Unpair the controller with steamVR AND the console
  • Change the position of the station
  • Try the “plug/unplug USB on the controller fix”
  • Change the USB of the hub (2.0 AND 3.0)
  • Update firmware
  • Update Computer software


My hardware :

  • Motherboard : MSI H170 Gaming M3
  • CPU : i5-6600 @ 3.3 GHz
  • GPU : MSI Geforce 1060
  • RAM : 16 Go


Here you can find :

  • A link which show what bother me :



Nothing of that has worked…


Did someone know how to fix that? Do you have a tool to diagnose the controller? Which god should I pray? (Sorry, even if this situation is clearly dramatic, I take it with a lot of humor, because this is all I have)


Oh and, sorry if my English is not totally accuracy, I’m French Smiley Tongue (no, I won’t surrender)


EDIT : i forgot to mension that my controller was on RMA last week.....it didn't change anything...


The asked photo :




Kind regards,


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The base station units contain moving parts and thus will vibrate slightly. We highly recommend fixing them onto a wall mount or attaching them to a stand. If you must place them on a shelf or bookcase, make sure they are sitting solidly and not on something that could shake or wobble significantly.

Thank you,

-John C

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Ok, so i will try that immédiately (but i need to do some adjustment).


How can you explain that only one controller is not stable ? If the station were the problem, would i be able to use at least one of my controller ? Because the other one is incredibly stable (no shake, no "i go wherever i want", no hide and seek)

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If you have a flashlight or laser pointer, take a walk around the room and shine it across as many surfaces as you can, looking for anything that glares back. 

When you repaired your controllers before, did you pair them back in the same order or a different order?


-John C

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