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just wanna ask before i buy a vive deluxe audio strap


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i'm actually scared of this happening to my headset when i install the vive deluxe strap: 

does this happen to more people? if so, what can i do to keep it from happening?

or won't i have to worry at all about it?


i have seen more video's about this, but this was the one that scared me the most.

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Hi ,

It's now been some time since we launched the DAS and we've actually only seen a handful of reports surrounding this, primarily from people who have racked up a high number of hours in the HMD (such as streamers). Basically, there is a small screw that can become loose if the headstrap connectors are twisted a certain way; if that screw happens to pop out and get lost you can post here and we'll send you a replacement screw kit. When installing the DAS, be sure to follow our

 and you should have no issues at all. 
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