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Vysor - Launching Apps on the Focus Dev Kit


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 To launch apps on the device you will need a Chrome extension called Vysor. Vysor allows you to see the device’s view from your computer screen while plugged in by USB. You can then control the device with your mouse. Once the app is launched then you can safely disconnect the USB. 


 In order to install/uninstall apps onto the device, we recommend using Android Debug Bridge or another command line tool of your choice.


 If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with one of the admins.

 We look forward to hearing what you think about the Focus and to checking out the experiences you create!


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I still do not see the device in Vysor.

When I connect the device to the USB, Device manager shows MSM8998 for arm64

Vysor alarm reports " No device found. Make sure....."



I installed everything according to documentation, I do not know where I made a mistake.

I see screen " Make yourself at home....., to see all your apps...."  in the headset.

Is USB Debuging enabled on the device?

How to set it without access to the display?

Can anyone help, Thanks




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Yes i have it installed /Studio,NDK,SDK,JDK...../ still nothing.

Now I've connected the device to another computer /Win 10/  without Studio NDK,SDK,JDK and it works :)


I tried the demo, two gray circles are displayed and music is played, sometimes menus appear on the screen when controler button is pressed.


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In our developeing experience, it's more related to USB driver compatibility with Windows OS than Android SDK/NDK/JDK etc.

Firstly after you plug in Focus into PC, you can check from Device Manager to confirm if it can be recognized as "Android USB Devices". 

If not, this indicates there is no corresponding USB driver and you can search from Google to find proper one for your PC. 

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