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Generic post about HTC Vive shirking responsibility!


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So playing away on HTC Vive cutting fruit in a popular game and suddenly one of swords disappear to find out something has gone wrong with the controller and it's dead can't charge it no LED what so ever and i've tried everything!


So two converstions with live chat spanning atleast 8hrs i was suppose to get an email with 3 "Bussiness" hours for an email to send the controller back! (Nothing recieved) 


After reading some post on here i guess this is common and the start of my 1month maybe 2 month wait for faulty goods that i've had for 2 months!


Wait, I'm luckier than some though because mine actullay work out of the box?????


Thanks for taking the time to read my rant and i'll keep this upto date with a daily update and i'll re post the conversations with live chat when i can arrange to fit a post....... :-S



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Got on to live chat this morning to be told "There was an error with the address, I had to generate the label manually as the automated system apparently couldn't generate the label. " This took a day and a half for someone to figure out ?!


Anyway parcel has been dropped off and due to be collect at 11am uk time.


So lets see how it goes ?!

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