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So This will be a long story...

After considering Geting a VR head set for some time I decieded on the Vive I had heared that they were made of a higher quility and with steam support it seemed the best option. I ordered during the cyber monday sale and got the delexe head set and an amazon gift card for free. The order was made through Amazon as they have always had great delievery times and handle any issue with speed.


Yesterday My Vive arrived and after getting out of work I set it up and played around with it for a bit. This morning SteamVR told me there was firmware updates for all the parts and i began following the instructions, everything went fine till the last base station whos button when pushed in didn't depress, it was stuck. This resulted in it not powering up.


So I contacted Amazon about just replacing the base station. They told me my best option was to contact HTC as they could allow me to return the whole Vive but HTC should be able to just send me a replacement. They also mentioned that HTC will most likely want a proff of purchase and Amazon rep gave me a link to one with out me asking.


So next after looking around a bit found how to chat with a HTC rep I was told I would have to ship it to them ( At my cost) and it would take up to three weeks for it to be repaired and then it would be shipped back. What an unreasonable thing I just dropped 600 dollars for new tech that I have to pay to ship it back and then wait up to three weeks to use this item.


So I went back to Amazon and talked to them. They offered to pay my shipping to HTC. I would have returned the whole Vive and bought a new one but it would have cost me more then what I paid for it due to the bundle. If it wasn't for them I would also have just returned and said to bad to the Vive altogther. HTC needs to get there cosomer service act togther as charging me to fix an issue with your tech is not cool at all.

The right offer would have been to ship a new one to me and sent me a shipping label to shipp back your broken one.


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You're story reads amazingly like what i'm going through with my Amazon purchased vive...one of the basestations would not take the firmware udpate and had an obvious 'dead spot' in the sensor field. After several somwhat frustrating chat sessions,   I had to ship the BS back to HTC on my nickel for repair, they've had it for 10 days now with absolutely no feedback or status updates.  Their 'repair tracking' tool is lame...either no one is updating it or they haven't even touched my repair, much less even received it in their tracking system.


Very frustrating....so far not impressed with HTC's support model.



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