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If you live in Australia don’t buy a Vive from Vive online.


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Just a quick warning my Vive died after 13 months of occasional use. If I had purchased it from a store in Australia I would have still been covered under the Australian Consumer Guarantee. However after many unhelpful attempts to get satisfaction from Vive support and eventually Contacting the Australian Consumer Affairs I discovered that as Vive is not an Australian Company then Consumer Affairs can’t pressure them to replace it.


If I had brought it from an Australian Store then yes I would be entitled to it being repaired or replaced even though it is past the 12 months stated on the manufacturers warranty.





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My Origional Statement stands. Last contact from Vive Australia support is send it in to be assesed for repair. (I have heard from the repairer that they replace not repair) I will have to pay the repair/replacement cost just under $400 plus postage to send the unit in. If I had purchased from an Australian business or local store I would have been able to have the unity repaired or replaced at no cost to me due to Australian Consumer laws.
I also wouldn't have had the frustration of dealing with Vive Australian Support who continually fail to answer fairly straight forward questions.

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