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How to test DRM?


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Hello. I just started to implement the integration with Viveport and our game.


I tested some codes about statistics, achievements and others. But I couldn't figure how to test DRM for my game.


In Unity editor, Api.GetLicense always returns '900001', "License verification failed'.


Before I release our game for Viveport, cannot I test my code with Viveport DRM?


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Hi , 

We recently updated our DRM system and I have not been briefed on specifics about the new system so I'm currently a bit out of the loop. We have a developer focused call in a few hours and I'll be sure to mention your issue and get the proper details to lend a hand. Can you verify which engine version and SDK version you're trying to implement? Thanks! 

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Hello, Thanks for your reply, VibrantNebula.


I'm currently using Unity 2017.2 f3(64bit) and Viveport SDK 1.7.0.x.(C# version:, Native version:


My code follows the instructions from your sample code.


  • void Awake() -> calls Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, APPID)
  • InitStatusHandler() -> calls UserStats.IsReady(IsReadyHandler)
  • IsReadyHandler() -> calls Api.GetLicense(new LicenseChecker(), APPID, APPKEY)
    • Needless to say, the LicenseChecker class was overrided from 'Api.LicenseChecker', and I implemented OnFailure and OnSuccess.


I didn't build my game, just tested on Unity editor. - Because there was no problem on other VR stores like Oculus store and Steam.


So I wondered the followings,


Cannot I test your DRM system while I'm using Unity editor? If then do I have to release my game to test DRM system?

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